Here you will find an extensive view of the most important bird species of La Gomera and the Canary Islands, as well as general connections and dangers for the bird life.

Species Gomera 1 (Flyer of the Island Council of La Gomera)

For a good overview you can find it on the website of the tourist office of La Gomera.

Here one can positively evaluate the efforts of the government. As part of the attempt to open up the island to natural history tourism, various information materials have been prepared and courses for birdwatchers have been held. The two illustrations with the species of Gomera are taken from the flyer published by the island government.

If an accidental bird is found, please contact the official emergency number 112. If this does not have the desired effect, the Island Council of La Gomera offers another general incident or emergency number: 922141501

Species Gomera 2 (Flyer of the Island Council of La Gomera)

In order to show an overview of the birds that can be found here in a gallery, we got one problem: There are too many. So we have grouped the occurring bird species into different, partly not “systematic” groups, which should make it easier to classify them with the help of the pictures. Some of the birds that do not breed on La Gomera, such as winter visitors, migratory birds and species from the other Canary Islands, have been included.

In order to shed light on the generally important details of the bird life of Gomera, to introduce specialities and to show the threats of yesterday and today, we have added a theme “General”.

Have fun!

To be continued….