Rockpool safari

No matter whether in the African plains or in the rocky tidelands, if you want to observe wild animals on a safari, you have to know a lot about the environment and the animals, read tracks, be careful and very attentive.

There is a world apart to explore in tide pools

The flat coastal areas in Valle Gran Rey are among the richest habitats imaginable. Algae meadows offer snails and sea urchins a feast, niches and caves provide a hiding place for crabs and brittle stars.

Its value as a feeding ground for wading birds has contributed to making the areas around the Charco del Conde and Charco del Cieno protected areas of “scientific interest”.

Gomera Vive offers eventful and informative tours that will introduce you to the habitat created by low tide and the animals that live there.

Help us find the multi-armed starfish, the diadem sea urchin, many hermit crabs, ornate wrasse, sea cucumbers and many more.

Rockpools have the highest biodiversity on the island: You only have to look

In a series of short stories and anecdotes, Volker reveals the strategies for surviving dryness, unimaginable forms of feeding, and methods of defense to escape from a host of predators.

Since we will be moving between two protected areas, the “Site of Scientific Interest Charco del Conde” and the ZEC “Marine Strip Playa Santiago – Valle Gran Rey”, we will try to comply with all the protection regulations as much as possible.

Upcoming events:

contact us if you have a group of between 4 and 10 people. We will always have to adapt to the tides.

Duration: about 1,5 hours

Meeting point: In the roundabout between Vueltas and Puntilla near the “Charco de la Condesa”.

Prices: Adults – 20 euros; Children (up to 16 years) 10 euros. We take a maximum of 10 people.

Tip: Sandals or shoes suitable for water are recommended because of the slippery bottom and the sharp stones.