Whale watching with a Marine Biologist

Whale watching tour informative. The characteristics of the animals, their behaviour and the external conditions are woven into a complex whole.

rollicking little pilot whale

Of course, the search for whales and dolphins is also the main focus here. However, on this trip you will be able to learn as much about fishing, the “marine reserve” off La Gomera and the sea in general as you need to make a unique experience out of the boat trip.

As on most tours, we first head out to sea in a southwesterly direction to look for the pilot whales. In a wide arc we turn into a course running parallel to the coast and then approach the coast again and return to the harbour.

Can you distinguish the “clicks” in the shot from the “whistles”? The clicks are strongly reminiscent of knocking noises, while the whistles sound somewhat melancholic.

Atlantik spotted dolphin close-up

We’re collecting everything we can find: Whether it’s sightings of whales and dolphins, seabirds, Portuguese galleys, garbage, or the fishing boats working outside, everything is interesting.

If the sea allows it, we will also listen to the animals under water. The smaller oceanic dolphins are our favourites, each group is a “rolling disco”.

One hears a jumble of at least 10 animals, rattling at different volumes. Quick series of clicks are interrupted by short whistles. The last part is also interesting because the engine of a boat about 20 m beside us can be heard.

Additionally included in the price is a brochure about the underwater world of the Canary Islands!

Structural details:

Next date: at the moment we leave on Thursday morning at 09.30

Duration: About 3,5 hours

Attention: Limited number of participants. Reservation via “contact” or by phone 0034-670806859

Prices: Adults 55 Euro; children up to 11 years 39 Euro.

Note: Bring sun protection, a jacket and something to drink.